Una Nueva Diana Para Madrid

2016 Madrid Olympics Candidate City Design Competition - Shooting Range
Summer 2008

Design team: Paul Galindo, Ophelie Herranz, Minyoung Song

Awarded Accessit ex aequo

Utilizing the unique potential of the site, located en route to Madrid-Barajas Airport, the proposal for Madrid 2016 Olympics shooting range is a target visible from the airplanes arriving and departing from the airport.
Titled Una Nueva Diana Para Madrid (A New Target for Madrid), it is proposed for two stages.

STAGE I - During-Olympics

400 meters in radius, the proposed target is structured in three layers.
First layer is made up of concentric circles of infrastructural framework along/within which the required Olympic programs are located, ultimately following the iconographic geometry of a target.
Second layer subdivides the site into quadrants via two axial paths – east/west & north/south to maximize access and connections between different fields. Each quadrant accommodates a different category of program per its unique requirements. Most outdoor fields require orientation along north/south axis to create even lighting conditions for all athletes. Hence training camps for qualification stages, competition fields and athlete facilities are located in northeast quadrant easily accessible to each other. For access control, all publicly accessible areas are located along & south of the east/west axial path that lead spectators from the parking area provided on the western quadrants to the arenas in the northeast quadrant.
Third layer is a large canopy structure based on an extruded hexagonal pattern, which accommodates several categories of program elements. Each program category is demarcated by an extrusion of hexagonal modules to the ground level forming an aerially visible “bullet hole.”

STAGE II - Post-Olympics

The post-Olympics target is to farm solar energy, leaving a sustainable legacy of the facility. Installed in north/south orientation the farm will grow in counter-clockwise manner, providing over 300 MW to sustain 153,000 homes and saving 180,000 MT of CO2 emission per year.
The platform will incorporate solar-tower technology with a field of heliostats (mirrors that are guided according to the position of the sun) laid out along concentric circles of the target.

Ultimately, Una Nueva Diana Para Madrid (A New Target for Madrid) seeks to create not only an aerial image but also an intrinsic part of the city and the memory of its citizens and visitors via its iconographic presence distributed throughout the city in the form of posters, flyers, key-chains.

images to come...