MASS carrier

2009 Shinkenchiku Central Glass International Architectural Competition Entry
Brooklyn NY
Summer 2009

Design team: MYSS- Julia Molloy, Christine Yogiaman, Taka Sarui, Minyoung Song


Located in the urban low-rise district of crown heights, Brooklyn, our site is where street life is suffocated by the invasive infrastructure of S train.


MASS carrier proposes a prototypical response to the otherwise vacant transportation urban voids. The design is a self-sustainable receptacle that digests urban vices and generates opportunities for displaced natural elements.

MASS carrier refers to three levels of dissemination - urban, human and natural.

At the urban level, the subway carries the community of ten million New Yorkers each day, while scarring the immediate neighborhood with vacant and underutilized land.
Tapping into this transporting potential of the subway, we aim to disseminate pods of nature into such barren voids of urban environment.

At the human level, seed packages are distributed throughout the community to rejuvenate the neglected native ecosystem around the subway. Littering, soliciting and vandalizing with seed products will contribute to the organic growth of eco-centers bringing animals back into the urban context.

Lastly, at the natural level, provided with environment to thrive in, animals can in turn contribute to the re-growth of nature in the city.


Distributed through local restaurants, individually packaged seeds are “littered” to create vegetable gardens in designated lots.

A variety of seed packages are distributed per age groups and plugged into the walls of subway stations to create a community map.

Spray canisters of organic material are used to create a multi-layered sanctuary for both animals and humans.


planting & feeding diagram Along S Line