Tent London Urbantine Pavilion Competition Entry
Summer 2008

Design team: Gleamlab - Christa Mohn, Minyoung Song, Tatiana von Preussen, Christine Yogiaman

Proposed as a temporary pavilion in Tent London for London Festival of Architecture 2008, igleam is a reconfigurable partition wall that can be easily reassembled as a play-house, dog-house, green-house or an igloo.
igleam's bubble-like polyethylene containers snap together in a simple system that can be used by any Joe Schmoe, whether or not they have been to architecture school. Digital technologies allow designers unprecedented levels of freedom and formal experimentation, in a weightless, endless three-dimensional virtual world.
All too often this playfulness is either frozen upon fabrication, or else constricted by traditional orthogonal block or post and lintel construction, relegated to surface patterning or applied decoration.
igleam attempts to provide the freedom and play available to us as designers, to the users of our system. These extremely lightweight recycled plastic bottles fit together as modules of an icosahedral system that allow the user to create multi-directional surfaces, organic forms and domes, as well as simple vertical partitions. The bubble-like forms refract, reflect and distort. Unfilled, they are transparent, providing varying degrees of visibility or distortion, depending on their spatial arrangement. The bottles can also be filled with foams, flowers or confetti, allowing for a simple adjustment of color, transparency or decoration. In the summer igleam can be erected in the garden as a green-house and in the winter they can be filled with water and left outside to freeze.