Gleam @ End of Year Show

Independent research, design & fabrication project
Spring 2007

Design team: Christa Mohn, Minyoung Song, Tatiana von Preussen, Christine Yogiaman
Advisors: Keith Caseman, Kathryn Dean, Michiko Sakano, Micah Roufa
Glass Blowing: Micah Roufa @ 160 Glass
Fabrication Sponsor: Associated Fabrication


In the interest of using a conventional material to produce unconventional effects, Gleam proposed a rigorous material study of glass. Through experimentation with the physical composition and form of the material itself, specific effects were created through light refraction, reflection and iridescence. Study included a research phase, followed by an experimentation phase, and culminated in the production of a full scale built fragment. The final pieces fit together to produce a large glittering installation.
It was aimed at production of a particular spatial mood, a three-dimensional wallpaper of light, the possibilities of playing with visual distortion and varying transparency. While reliant on some knowledge of the science of light and materials, all rational and systematic methods were employed only in the service of beauty, and intuition ruled out rigor at any time.

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