Gleam @ 126th GSAPP Anniversary

Design, fabrication & installation of glass pieces for 126th Anniversary Celebration commissioned by Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation
Summer ~ Fall 2007

Design team: Christa Mohn, Minyoung Song, Tatiana von Preussen, Christine Yogiaman
Glass Blowing: Daniel O'shea @ 160 Glass
Fabrication Sponsor: Associated Fabrication


Offering a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic building material, the design proposes a unique, provocative aesthetic through the effects of blown glass.
The main concept is to create bouquet of blown glass for each banquet table which is disassembled and distributed to the guests at the end of the event.
The bouquet consists of a clustering of voronois with strategically placed lighting. aiming at the production a particular spatial mood, a three-dimensional wallpaper of light, the possibilities of playing with visual distortion and varying transparency,
and ultimately the production a beautiful and intriguing experience.
The result is capricious social interaction through intelligent design, punctuating the festive nature of the event.