Dining By Design 2008

Skidmore Owings & Merrill NYC
SOM Pavilion for DIFFA Dining By Design 2008, New York NY
Spring 2008

Design team: Minyoung Song, Katrien Vertenten
3D support: John Darrow
Fabrication & Material sponsor: Newmat USA


DIFFA – Design Industry For Fighting AIDS annually hosts Dining By Design event where New York designers of all disciplines participate by staging a unique dining environment of their design.
The SOM pavilion design for 2008 Dining By Design by Minyoung Song and Katrien Vertenten was selected through an in-house competition. Fabrication and installation of the final structure were donated by Newmat USA.
Entirely made of stretched PVC membrane panels over aluminum frames, the pavilion disguises itself as a simple black box with truncated corners in its exterior. Once entered, a geode-like interior geometry is revealed and while the color remains consistently black throughout, a stark contrast is drawn by the textural difference between the suede-like outside and mirror-like inside. The panelization of the exterior elevations due to fabrication constraints is based on the interior geometry projected onto the exterior surface. ½” reveals between panels are intentionally placed subtly hinting at the interior geometry.

renderings and drawings by Minyoung Song, SOM