Veronica People's Club

Fabrica 718
Spring 2010 ~ Summer 2010

Design team: Julie Moskovitz (Principal), Michael Vanreusel, Corey Yurkovich, Minyoung Song, Kim Letven, Natalya Egon


Project Statement by Julie Moskovitz, Fabrica 718
A new bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The space required significant structural work and repair. We worked with the artist owner and her crew to design the facade, interior, and rear yard. Designing new objects and components of the bar from repurposed materials led to a more unique atmosphere. We worked to enhance the quirkiness of the exterior space which features a bridge, sheltered seating, and digital projection.

renderings and drawings by Minyoung Song, Fabrica 718
photos by Sean Hemmerle

banquette assembly diagram upcycled industrial shelving module diagram