Tip of the Iceberg

iarc 건축사무소
Schematic : Summer 2010

Design team: Jungim Kim (partner in charge), Minyoung Song (project designer)

Winner, invited competition
Construction to commence in May 2011

Tip of the Iceberg is a proposal to transform the HQ lobby of Korea's most prominent branding/advertisement agency from a drab underutilized space into an iconic space to broadcast the company's identity and creative processes.
Design process started by identifying major issues of the current space, both experiential and pragmatic, despite the competition brief calling for a more cosmetic approach. The proposal was to resolve all issues comprehensively with an ultimate goal of imbuing a brand identity into the space. While it meant the scope of work increased by 150%, this approach in the end afforded us an opportunity to create a clearer spatial diagram and a stronger visual statement.
Through some nip/tucking and a little bit of stretching, the proposal re-established private/public boundaries and created a clear vertical hierarchy of different programs. Combining and opening up the bottom three floors of the building for public use, created a large fluid hub of activities enveloping a visible but inaccessible glass object at the center in which the inner workings of the company will be on display.
Tip of the Iceberg analogy, first started while diagramming the interdepartmental relationships of the company, also became a formal inspiration for the design. Iceberg being the rest of the firm that sits on top of the lobby and the tip being the glass object (creative processes of the company, i.e. research lab, conference rooms) peaking through the ceiling.

drawings by Minyoung Song
renderings by iarc rendering department